Winning times

The Flyers are one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals.
The Phillies closed out April with a winning record for the first time since 2003. Their 14-12 record has them tied for second in the National League East with the New York Mets.
Nobody expected the Sixers to still be playing May 1.
We can’t leave out the undefeated Philadelphia Soul, who are an AFL-best 9-0 following their April 28 victory over previously unbeaten Dallas.
These are exciting times to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Not bad for a town suffering through a major world championship void dating back to the 1983 Sixers. As to when the drought will finally end is the question of the day. Hopefully next week Flyers fans will be talking Eastern Conference finals. If they don’t wrap up the series Saturday night in Montreal they will close it out the following night at home. Game Seven will not be necessary.
The Soul, who are the AFL’s only remaining undefeated team, will worry about the playoffs next month.
The Phillies still have way too many games to start having a serious playoff conversation.
These winning times mark a major change from a year ago when the Sixers and Flyers missed the playoffs, and the Phillies had a losing record.

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