Tough ending

There was little doubt that the Flyers would eventually fold to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Finals, it was just a matter of when. The Penguins are the better team.
Just when it looked like the team had regained some momentum in Game Four with those three first period goals, three days later it seemed as though they had awaken a sleeping giant. After 40 minutes of action on Sunday, it was Pittsburgh 5 and the Flyers 0. No need to watch anymore. No need to rehash what went wrong here.
Yes, another Philadelphia team has fallen short of bringing a victory parade down South Broad Street, but at the same time, the foundation seems set for future seasons. These are the same Flyers who finished with the NHL’s worst record last season. To go from worst to one of the league’s final four remaining teams is impressive.
They players and management can sit back and enjoy it until the Stanly Cup Playoff s come to a close. This summer, they must fill in the holes so next season this town will be chanting “Let’s Go Flyers” all the way to the Stanly Cup Finals.

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