World Series Preview

The hot topic of conversation this week is the Phillies/Red Sox series taking place at Citizens Bank Park through June 18.
Could this be a World Series preview?
Based on the current standings it is a strong possibility. The Phillies at 42-30 have the National League’s third best record behind the Chicago Cubs (45-25) and St. Louis Cardinals (42-29). Boston, the defending world champs, leads the American League with a 44-29 record, slightly ahead of the Los Angeles Angels (42-28), who are in town June 20-22. Talk about your tough weeks.
In the very least, the Phillies should use this week to prove that a team to be reckon with throughout the Major Leagues. Is there a more explosive trio out there than Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Pat Burrell? Utley leads the Majors with 22 home runs, and is tied with Howard for second in the league with 62 RBI. Once teams get past those two sluggers, they have to deal with Burrell, who is hitting .289 with 18 home runs and 47 RBI.
Pitching wise, Cole Hamels and Jamie Moyer each have seven wins, while Kyle Kendrick is finding his groove with a 6-2 record. The team just needs to solve the mystery of Brett Myers, who continues to be very inconsistent at the top of the rotation. Add one of the Majors best bullpens, and the Phillies are indeed looking like the real deal.
The month of June will tell a lot about this team, as the Phillies head to Oakland and Texas next week.

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