Q&A with Sean Golden

Sean Golden, a member of the 2006 and 2007 United States World Championship teams will likely have the strongest fan support of these trials, being a short drive over the bridge from his Camden, NJ home. At the recent Visa Championships, he finished second in the vault and tied for third on the rings. During Wednesday morning’s media session, he shared his thoughts heading into the competition.

How great is it to have the home arena advantage?

Golden: “It’s great, it really is to be so close to home and have so many supporters here that haven’t seen me do gymnastics yet. For them to see it live and in person is a great feeling.”

Have you been home?

Golden: “I am staying at the hotel with the team. However, I did go home [Tuesday] to do interviews with NBC and CBS. Anything to help promote the sport, these trials, and anything to get my mission out there to help kids in the intercity.”

What are your thoughts going into the competition?

Golden: “I am very anxious, I am very excited to go through this process. I am very ready to embrace the process.”


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