Sender sidelined

Before the U.S. Olympic Trials – Gymnastics men’s competition even starts, David Sender has been sidelined at least for tonight’s (June 19) opening round of competition as a result of a sprained ankle. According to USA Gymnastics, the level two to three sprain on his right ankle occurred just prior to Wednesday afternoon’s training session at the Wachovia Center. An MRI showed no tears, and the injury is being treated aggressively.
In accordance with the men’s selection procedures, Sender has the option to compete in the June 21 final, or if he opts not to compete, the athlete may file a petition to be considered for the Olympic Team. Sender, from Illinois, won the all-around title at the Visa Championships, which preceded the trials.
“We are taking this day by day,” said Thom Glielmi, Sender’s coach at Stanford University. “We are treating his sprain very aggressively, and the medical team has been very encouraged by the mobility and strength [of David’s ankle]. We will see how things stand on Saturday.”


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