Q&A Jonathan Horton

Following USA Gymnastics announcement of the the 2008 men’s team, each of the team members took time to talk about how they spent selection day and their thoughts on making their team. Jonathan Horton along with Paul Hamm were the two who were nominated following Saturday’s second day of competition. It didn’t necessarily make the day go by any easier. USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny said the selection team spent 10 to 11 hours deliberating as to who would make the final cut.

Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Horton.

Was today (Sunday) easier knowing that you were already nominated to the team?

Horton: “Actually it wasn’t easy for me at all. I woke up pretty nervous for the rest of the guys because in the back of our minds we have the teams that we feel should be out there on the floor in Beijing. It’s kind of nice that the whole thing is over. We can kind of relax now and just think about what we have to do as a team in training.”

What did you do to pass the time?

Horton: “I actually ready and searched the Internet to see what people were saying about us. Played some video games, watched some movies. Just stayed as relaxed as possible.”

How were the Olympic Trials?

Horton: “The competition itself was exciting. I had a great time. Every one of these guys really showed what they can do on this floor. It was a great competition. The way Philadelphia treated us was amazing.”

Did you get a chance to spend any time around Philly?

Horton: “Not much at all. We just went for a bite to eat at the Reading Market. We just hung out in the hotel rooms and focussed on the job ahead of us.”

What was the mindset like from when the competition ended Saturday night until the selections were made Sunday afternoon?

Horton: “I was just trying to keep my mind off the entire thing. I went and got coffee this morning, ate and hung around with these guys. We didn’t really talk about [the selection process]”

Were you getting to the point where you were asking yourselves when is the news going to come?

Horton: “We knew it was going to come sooner or later. There was definately some anxiety there. We just tried to be loose.”


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