Final preparations

Thursday morning, the Philadelphia Soul held their final practice before Saturday’s National Conference Championship against the Cleveland Gladiators. Afterwards, coach Bret Munsey, quarterback Matt D’Orazio and lineman Bryan Save shared their thoughts on the season and the championship game.

Munsey on bringing Philadelphia home a championship:
“We want to celebrate with our fans, with the city. We would love to bring back an Arena Bowl trophy and have a good time for a few days.”

Munsey on getting the fans out for Saturday’s championship game:
“There is not too many opportunities to come out and watch a conference championship. We had an unbelievable year and we need the support. We need to pack the Wachovia Center and need everybody to be as rowdy as they can be. We’ve got the opportunity to win a world championship for the city of Philadelphia.”

Munsey on Cleveland:
“They are hot right. They’re playing well, not turning the ball over. Cleveland has got a great offense and they’re creating turnovers on defense. The bottom line is any team you face this late in the game is going to be a good one. We’ve got to play well to win.”

Munsey on Saturday’s game being the rubber match for the championship:
“That’s one of the small things you think about. The bottom line is working all year to have a chance to play in this game. Now we’ve got to take care of business.”

Save on the first meeting against Cleveland:
“We had a Monday, Friday [game schedule]. We had to travel to Cleveland. We had one day of preparation. Not to take away from them, but we just came off a big win against Dallas and didn’t have much time. Should we have still won that [Cleveland] game? Yes we should have still won that game.”

Save on Philly being desperate for a championship:
“That is our main mindset right now. For us we want to win the championship and we that we are just one game away. We can’t wait. It will be a disaster if we lose this game [to Cleveland] and I wouldn’t be to deal with the all off-season.”

D’Orazio on giving Philly a championship:
“We are excited to give our fans a championship and kind of repay them for the support they have given us.”

D’Orazio on his first year in Philly:
“It has been awesome. This has been my favorite season so far. The fans are passionate and there is nothing better than playing in front of passionate fans. Whether they cheer you, boo you or whatever, we want them to be interested and passionate, and that’s what they have been.”


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