Waiting for daylight

Yes, it sucks. There has been everything from the uplifting (“we’ve waited 25 years, what’s one more day”) to the finger-pointing (“Bud Selig should have called the game before the convenient tying run was scored”) said about yesterday’s debacle. Anyway you spin it, it’s just unfortunate. Let’s remember the players are the ones toiling in the horrendous conditions and they are taking it as it comes. And BOTH teams were playing on the same field.

Besides, if we’re making history here, why not add a few firsts (first game suspension in World Series history) to the list?

In other neglected news, the Eagle’s Sunday win over the Falcons was the 100th career victory for Andy Reid and the 500th for the Eagles franchise.

Ya, I don’t care either … Let’s finish off the Rays.


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