In the end

At last, the drought is over. What will sports commentators have to talk about now?

The 2008 World Series was perfect: Great plays, horrible plays, controversy — it had it all. It was tumultuous and blissful in every second, but most of all it was exciting. Now, in the wake, there is contentment.

Without the huge chip on our shoulder, will the Philadelphia reputation change? We spent years building our doomed identity and now it’s gone, just like that, with one swing of the bat by Eric Hinske. There was the awful three-day long marathon for Game 5, but otherwise the run was charmed.

Joe Blanton’s double-take home run. The Phillies winning every single postseason game played in front of the home crowd. Everything Shane Victorino did. And, actually, it was pretty amazing the players were unphased by the awful three-day long marathon for Game 5. This wasn’t Philadelphia sports. This was a winning team — and they won.

Maybe this will be the start of a new era. Maybe it will be the beginning of an even longer drought. But you’re here now. At the end and the beginning. Enjoy.


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