Football season

It’s time to finally leave the diamond and put on a helmet. After all, it is November!

With the 26-7 win over the Seahawks yesterday the Birds record improves to 5-3 — something Phillie fans may normally be content with. But the G men just trounced the Romo-less Cowboys, 35-14, and will be heading to The Linc next week.

At 7-1, the Giants seem to be carrying the momentum from their underdog victory in last year’s Super Bowl straight through this season. And if the Eagles keep up their struggles in the red zone, New York will definitely capitalize.

But the story of Sunday was obviously second-year tight end Brent Celek, replacing LJ Smith who was out nursing a concussion. The 23-year-old had quite a game, which included six receptions for 131 yards. Give the kid his due, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Most of the plays he “made” were because he was barely covered — not to mention McNabb’s practically perfect passes.

Celek has stepped up when given the opportunity, this not being his first. If he’s tapped next week to take on The Giant’s defensive line, let’s see how he fares against Antonio Pierce before we start buying No. 87 jerseys.


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