Midseason monday

So we find ourselves at a halfway point in the season: 10 games in, six regular-season contests remaining (and at this rate those will be the Eagles last). What is perplexing, however, is why, year after year, sports writers seem to think they’ve stumbled on the “quarterback” question for the first time.

The web is currently crawling with everything from ‘why can’t Reid put in Kolb at QB’ to ‘this is McNabb’s chance to show he is the leader he is.’ Enough free passes, McNabb has never turned into the QB Philadelphia wanted him to be. The one it tries tirelessly to pretend he is when he has a good season or a good game or — bless them — a good pass.

Face the facts: McNabb has been here a decade and he’s never brought in a title. NFC champs, Super Bowl appearance — are those worthwhile achievements? Of course. Are they what he was here to do? No. Reid’s and McNabb’s jobs are to bring home Super Bowls, so, they’ve failed.

Obviously, this is over simplified, but you can’t over or underestimate the QB position. Is he getting too much flack for a losing record? Yes. Would he be getting too much credit if they were winning? Indisputably. Comes with the territory — territory McNabb has never liked occupying. McNabb is a talented player, but when building a franchise around a player, you need more than talent.

This stuff isn’t always text book. Most thought the younger Manning would spend a career in Peyton’s shadow. It’s probably a great time to be Eli Manning right now.

But 10 years? Enough is enough.

To add insult to injury, McNabb graced today’s landing page of Yahoo under the features section with the title:

Star’s stunning admission: Donovan McNabb says he wasn’t aware of a key NFL rule

In the post-game press conferernce McNabb decided to let slip he didn’t know NFL games could end in ties. Oh my.


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