The Answer

The Sixers are doing an OK job for themselves, with a not-horrible record of 5-6, currently 4.5 games behind the Atlantic-leading Celtics. Not that November standings mean a darn thing.

There is one pesky x-Sixer who seems to be making some headlines. The Answer seems to be living up to his moniker — at least in the early stages — with his new-look Pistons. Having broken two powerhouses’ winning streaks in one week (the Lakers’ seven gamer halted Friday, the Cavs eight ended yesterday), the Pistons are suddenly looking like a formidable opponent.

Iverson definitely gives the Pistons a new type of offense, one that can be prolific even in the absence of its stars Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton — as was the case last night in the fourth. Maybe it’ll just take a bit of time for teams to come up with an effective defense.

We’ll see how they fare against the defending champion Celtics next.


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