Last minute preparations are all abuzz and eating has already been a little light in preparation for tomorrow’s big feast. For me, however, the only feasting will likely be the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals having their pick of the complete mess that is the current Eagles franchise.

After Sunday’s pathetic display, this season has really just been adding insult to injury week after week. Kolb blew it wide open in the second, after entering down just 3 points. I would have also, and, likely, so would have, let’s say, Brett Favre. He was completely unprepared to play with that team. At this juncture, throwing Kolb to the wolves versus the Ravens was probably an even worse decision made by Reid than sticking with the downward-spiraling McNabb.

So now what? Reid’s gone back to McNabb to start against the Cardinals tomorrow night. Understandable, Kolb was no good and he’d only have four days to prepare for this game. However, it’s only understandable cause Reid so violently botched things last weekend.

Reid should have kept McNabb in to finish what he started and then just put the lid on it. If he was going to give Kolb a chance, why couldn’t it be a fresh one — fresh quarters and perhaps a few hours (not seconds) of preparation.

Philadelphia now has no faith in McNabb and less hope in Kolb (though, as above, that’s unfair). Even if McNabb romped the Cardinals, that ship has sailed. It’s just too bad Reid was so short-sighted and dim-witted to recognize how to handle it.

I understand for trade reasons and the PR nightmare it would create the problems with benching McNabb for the remainder of 2009. Perhaps those should have been mentioned to Reid or evaluated prior to Sunday. With what the Eagles have on their hands for the time being, factoring in these past two horrific weeks, I’ve read a few internet posts claiming if Reid started Kolb tomorrow people would view it as an exhibition and tune out. I adamantly, whole-heartedly and loudly disagree.

Philadelphia fans are smarter than judging this kid on the two quarters he put in on Sunday (mind you, he finished with a better QB rating than McNabb all the same). If Reid were to finally bury this McNabb nonsense and take a chance — a full chance — on Kolb, there may be a twinkle of hope and Philadelphia would like to see how it goes.

Perhaps Reid is smart enough to keep him out of primetime and give him the extra days to prepare to go in the following week versus the Giants. Talk about trial by fire.

I just hope nothing gets thrown at Donovan tomorrow. Or at least nothing that would really hurt.


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