Round up

I’m not going the I’m-thankful-for route for this post. In fact, since I abhor turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving has never been about anything except football and family for me. I’m not with my family this year and the football isn’t looking great either — at least for Eagles fans. We’ll leave that one up to the fates and just see what side of the bed (or bench) McNabb gets up tomorrow.

Around the city: Sixers dropped a game to the magic, 96-94, after a brilliant surge in the second half closed the once 10-point deficit. They now have a losing record (7-8).

Moyer’s contract extension has yet to be signed, prompting the organization to contact the Dodgers’ Derek Lowe and the Bluejays’ A.J. Burnett, incase the veteran pitcher and his loyal team can’t come to terms. At least their covering their bases, but let’s not get crazy Amaro.

Utley is fine, but that one will be on the backburner till spring. Feliz (who had lower back surgery) also is seemingly A-OK.

There doesn’t seem to be much to be thankful for in the way of pro sports in the City of Brotherly love at this very moment. When does the World Series flag go up in Citizens Bank?

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