Black friday

In the wake of the McNabb show, I don’t want to be a downer. McNabb threw for 260 yards against the Cardinals, leading the Birds to 437 total offensive yards and 32 first downs in their 48-20 victory. But, so what?

McNabb was just being McNabb — and that means showing everyone the quarterback he could be, but rarely is. No one ever questioned whether McNabb has skill. His accomplishments in the NFL speak for themselves. But none of this changes the back side of that rap sheet.

The NFL is and has always been about consistency. The ability to show up every day, every game, every play. McNabb cannot do that and — I’m going to go out and say it — doesn’t have the strength of character to be a franchise quarterback.

I’ll take the victory, but it’s with clenched teeth. I wish he had just made a complete mockery of himself, Reid and the team so the Eagles could wash their hands of this and move forward. I hope at the end of the season or perhaps down the road I’m eating my words. Sports writers are a fickle lot. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will.

McNabb will do his best to eke by. Perhaps the city at this point would even be elated if the Eagles finagled their way into the playoffs. Have we lowered the bar so far since 2004?

Matt Mosley, writing for ESPN, said Reid turned from “goat to prophet” after McNabb’s stellar night. Please! One game and all of a sudden the Eagles are Super Bowl bound? I told you sports writers are fickle.

I always feel bad trashing someone I think is talented and even, at times, good at their job (we’re talking McNabb here, not Reid) but I have to remind myself it comes with the territory. I tip my hat to McNabb’s ability to shake off the storm and go out and throw the ball with confidence — to keep it about the game, not the circus. Enough, however, with the countless references in the media to how hard it is to play in Philadelphia, to Allen Iverson and to McNabb getting booed when he was drafted (he’s had a decade to get over that one).

And let’s leave Santa Claus out of this.


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