Wind + Burress = WIN

Perhaps it was because of the wind. Perhaps it was because Plaxico Burress wasn’t present at the Meadlowlands on Sunday due to recent struggles with the law. Perhaps it doesn’t matter why since the Eagles beat the NFC East Champion Giants (a title they secured the same day they lost to the Eagles as the Cowboys dropped a game later that day cementing the Giants’ supremacy in the east for 2008) and kept their floundering season alive for at least one more week.

Though it must have felt like being handed a piece of candy and then sucker punched in the face for the Giants. The Eagles out-played this year’s dominant team in every quarter.

Philadelphia fans are still left to wonder: If the running game works so well, why, Andy, why do you insist on throwing? Reid conceded Monday that the decision to run 41 times compared to just 31 passes was more due to the windy conditions than any sort of cunning strategy.

Wake up! Is it not obvious how stunned the defense choreographed by former-Eagles assistant Steve Spagnuolo was by the run game? Reid, you are too predictable, Spagnuolo had no idea what hit him.

Even if the overwhelming success of Westbrook and the ground game isn’t enough to convince the West Coast-minded coaches that the Eagles have some power with their legs, perhaps the Giants game was at least enough to keep the Birds’ final three opponents on their toes.

Or maybe this is the start of a whole new ground-based era in Philly and Reid is just trying to play it cool. We can hope.


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