Hamel’s artistry

Cole Hamels has never been my favorite Philly. His hair alone made him too pretty for Philadelphia. I’ve never questioned his talent or what he brings to this team, just a few qualms with his attitude.

He always came off as fragile — and this is before 2007’s prima donna bitching about not throwing if the Phils wouldn’t have a chance to make the playoffs. I don’t like that he married the ditz Survivor star at 23 and, yes, I think he whines.

His latest foot-in-mouth moment, however, I’m all for. In fact, that’s a misnomer plastered on his quote by sensitive media. The comment was simply Rollins-esque. My favorite kind.

Appearing on New York’s sports talk radio WFAN, Hamels agreed when asked if the Mets were choke artists, saying, “For the past two years they’ve been choke artists.”

It is rather ballsy to call out the Mets on their home turf, but good for you, Cole. And it’s not as if he isn’t right. The Mets choked — twice. If it hurts their feelings to hear it, so be it. Now blind them with the glare from your World Series ring.

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