Too little too late

All it took was a win over the Browns to skyrocket the Eagles back to the top of playoff Wild Card talk. The Browns!?! The Eagles have won two games. Two! They are currently in a fight with at least four other teams for the wild card, three of which they trail by a half game (thanks to that pesky tie). Too little too late.

It’s sportswriters and casters fate to play up the inspired end-of-the-season push, but personally I find the talk nauseating. Those calling for Reid and McNabb to be run out of town mere weeks ago are all of a sudden asking questions like “Donovan, how does it feel to have the fans be so fickle?” The fans? Err, try the media. I’d say my dislike of McNabb (which dates back much farther than this beleaguered season) is the exception. The fans were not calling to run him out of town — it was all the same people who are now patting him on the back and joking with him after MNF.

Same rule as always: The QB gets too much flack when they fall and too much credit when they bounce. I won’t rehash what’s been said about McNabb, but perhaps two games isn’t quite enough for an Eagle’s resurrection. Why on earth is everyone so happy to be third in the Wild Card race all of a sudden? Do you realize, Philadelphia, how pathetic that is? Wait, Philly, I know you do. Now, ESPN, do you?


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