Battle ground Washington

Every game remaining this season for the Iggles is make or break. So heading into the storm that will be Sunday is a bit daunting.

There is the weather (snowy), the Redskins’ home field advantage and the battered starting line up. This seems like the perfect time for Mike McGlynn’s first professional start.

Things are not looking good for the Green. The Eagles already dropped the early match up with Washington in October and there doesn’t seem to be any indication they have more to bring to the table this time around. Granted, Washington hasn’t had a very good run, currently sitting at 500. But the Birds don’t usually fare too well within their own division (not that I put much credence in asinine statistics like that).

I’d like for D. McNabb and the crew to eke this one out, fighting hard through the trecherous conditions with over-the-top, battle-to-the death type gallantry. Particularly because then it just leaves Dallas on the doorstep as the final Goliath — and sports poetic justice is my weakness.


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