Eagles in

So the impossible happened: The Bears lost, the Raiders beat the Buccs and the Birds slaughtered Dallas in a 44-6 pounding which was a combination of Eagle prowess and a complete Cowboy meltdown.

The ‘Boys looked like a high school team who had never run patterns together. There were at least three Romo throws to no receiver, or receivers who weren’t expecting the ball, were running a different pattern than Romo expected or just basically had no idea how to play football.

More importantly, the Eagles were firing on all cylinders. My favorite quote from the commentators last night was: ‘When we come back, the Dallas offense takes the field. Or should I say Eagles defense.’ And that’s pretty much how the story went. It didn’t matter which side of the ball the Birds were on, they managed to score from both — multiple times.

There were shots of McNabb dancing, talking up a storm. Reid giving a smirk. Dawkins doing his signature E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES dance. It was fun Philly football again. Everything they project the Eagles to be at the beginning of each season, everything they fall short of year after year.

I’m going to ride the high and keep the positive vibes going, but I’d hate if all the heart wrenching of the past four games was magically erased in the wake of the Cowboys handing the Eagles a playoff birth. Somehow the stars aligning has been overlooked and the players and management are getting a little too much credit. Have we forgotten the game last week against Washington? Yes, the Birds played inspired football. But, lest we forget, Romo alone fumbled twice. In the national news the story is how horrific the prophesied Cowboys ended their 2009 season, not how amazing the Eagles are in the face of a formidable opponent (which was decidedly absent on Sunday).

Philadelphia, your fate has been handed to you, perfectly wrapped in shiny paper with all the right trimmings. There has to be something you can take from giving the Cowboys the biggest loss since Jerry Jones took over the team in 1989. Your new life begins next Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in Minneapolis.

What’s it gunna be?


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