Giant step

On to the Meadowlands! After playing like they deserved to be there, the Eagles move on to the Divisional weekend next week to take on the G-Men, for the second time in a bit over a month.

The last meeting between these two bitter East Coast rivals ended with an Eagle victory on New York’s home soil. Hopefully, the confidence will keep on rolling to next Sunday.

The best part of the Wild Card victory (and one which Buck and Aikman rightfully wouldn’t stop talking about) was Reid’s commitment to the run. Even after 16 carries and less than 10 yards gained, Westbrook was still getting the ball. And then, 71 yards and 6 points. Just like that.

Sticking to the run kept the Vikings honest — even when it wasn’t working — forced them to seal the middle and kept the receivers from being double covered. It’s not rocket science, so why did it take Reid so long to do it? And why does he deserve credit for it? Yes, good job, Andy, for learning how one plays football.

Well, it worked. Hopefully all the positive lessons learned this week will stay swirling in the Eagles’ minds as they suit up to take on the defending Super Bowl champs in their first playoff appearance after the bye.

It was nice to see the final play, as a pressured Tavaris Jackson threw his last pass of the season to the sidelines to have none other than a waiting Donovan McNabb catch it (the playful juking was probably a bit obnoxious).


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