Judgement day

I just watched a horrible, campy dramatic spot on D. McNabb that ESPN threw together about him “weathering the storm” where he’s standing in the rain, flexing and posing while his voice is playing in a voiceover about No. 5 being here to stay.

I know sports players have to do these things and the media takes what they can get, but come on. This happened during the Vikings game also, when FOX decided to do an Eagles’ season recap and it consisted of something about Buckhalter, jumped to the now-infamous benching and then the Cowboy thrashing. How did Donovan sitting on the bench while a completely innocent Kolb was thrown to the dogs come to define our season? How is him getting his act together a comeback?

I’m afraid people are jumping on pumping up McNabb for two reasons, both of which are bad for the Eagles. On one hand, they could be assuming the Birds will fall to the Giants so they won’t have McNabb to talk about post Sunday and they are cramming it in now. On the other, No. 5 may pull out a huge upset (cause it’ll likely rest on his shoulders, considering Westbrook has been spotty) and the ‘casters want to be able to pull the “as I said before” card when the McNabb/Eagles’ wagon gets hot.

I’m pulling for you, Birds, but if being an Eagles’ fan has taught me anything, it’s prepare for the worst. If they show up: Eagles, 23; Giants, 21.


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