Face of a franchise

I feel bad for the Eagles fan who decided to take his shirt off at a recent game and unwittingly became the poster child for Philadelphia sports team bashing.


Yes, it’s happening already, where the bitter losers (cough New York cough) start turning to off-the-field attacks. What does our fans weight, area of residence or manner of conduct have to do with your team blowing it?

This past year has proven rather rough for New York sports teams facing us, but that’s no reason to get all in a huff. I’m pretty positive the Mets would have managed to choke for the second time even if the Phils were in the AL.

It’s nice being on top looking down. Let’s hope The Birds keep us flying high after their meeting in Arizona tomorrow.

Ironically, I’m willing to put money on the fact that our overweight, shirtless Eagles fan has that image and all subsequent related articles cut and framed. Not to mention the countless pats on the back and phone calls he’s undoubtedly received of congratulations. You’ll have to try harder, New York.

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