All the single (or otherwise) ladies

The Sixers have been running the “Guys Night Out” promotion for quite sometime, encouraging four man-pals to get together for four tickets, beers, hotdogs, Sixers’ dancers swimsuit calendars, $10 Dave&Buster’s Power Cards (don’t know what that is) and Philadelphia Park Sports Bar passes (again, not sure). Topping off the evening with a meet and greet with the dancers, starting at $125.

I’m not sure when the newest incarnation — “Ladies Night Out” — hit the promotion circuit, but I came across the deal that features two tickets, chicken salads, glasses of wine, Sixers T-shirts and giftcards to Salon L’Etoile and Spa starting at $50.

Hmm … the gender stereotypes are slightly offensive, albeit somewhat necessary. Most ladies don’t want hotdogs and beers, though I don’t think they would object if four women purchased the Guys Night Out package. I do find some specifics interesting, namely that the guy’s package is for four while the woman’s is only designed for a pair (with the value of the salon giftcard inexplicably absent). Egos aside, the packages are an interesting idea and I wonder how many high-class women the $25-a-piece deals will bring in. But even if you just go grab the T-shit, eat the salad, drink the wine and don’t watch a single bucket, you’ve got a pretty good deal.


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