The life of Brian

The (true) Birds weren’t in yesterday’s Big Dance but the fowl team that did show up put on quite a show. Hats off to the Steelers, but I am lamenting that Warner’s face isn’t gracing every major network and magazine cover this morning over some “Comeback Kid” title.

Back to the home team: Nudging Westbrook to the door already? Not that I ever agree with the largest daily circulation newspaper locally, but I’m particularly peeved with the anti-36 sentiment.

Since when does 29 make you past-your-prime? McNabb’s 32 years is often touted as a spring chicken. Despite the different position, I don’t think the argument can be made that Westbrook playing at age 30 is a liability.

Westbrook was not his productive self in this year’s post-season run and perhaps he wasn’t the same this season as last. McNabb had six good games, that’s it, and everyone has completely abandoned calling for his exportation. Westbrook played tooth and nail against injury all year after being first in yards from scrimmage last season, but wrapped up 2009 in less-than-top shape. Toss the old guy then, he’s dead weight! Come on.

I don’t particularly like putting my two cents in contract talk or off-season negotiations. The business side of football is always best left to those that know everything behind the doors. Unfortunately, people have to turn football into a year-round sport and that means the inevitable off-season bludgeoning begins.

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