Body check

I always forget there is another major sport in Philadelphia. It’s not for lack of fans or fanfare, but I grew up in California so hockey to me was always a mystery. The Disney-owned Ducks really confused me as a child and I couldn’t separate fact from fiction, as in which came first, the movie or the team?

But I need to realize hockey is a serious thing in Philadelphia, and they obviously need their due. The Flyers season is still moving along smoothly, keeping them in playoff contention second in the Atlantic League, fourth in the Eastern Conference and eighth overall.

The seasons hasn’t been the up and down of the Eagles or the drama-filled one of the Phillies, but if the orange and black can slip into the playoffs undetected, all the better.

The team is offering a special on student rush tickets where mezzanine-level tickets (going for about $50 a pop) can be had for half price ($25) for college students. To find out which games have tickets available, sign up here:

One response to “Body check

  1. It would be nice if they can get home-ice at least for the first round. If not we still need to avoid drawing Boston or NJ.

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