D-Eyre straights

People getting millions of dollars to play baseball are not usually the first people that come to mind when you’re thinking about having money troubles. While there is often gross mismanagement of assets in some other leagues (cough NFL cough), arrest warrants, misspending and financial trouble is not something usually discussed in MLB.

Leave that to the latest wave of financial fraud and Ponzi schemes to put right — or, er, wrong.

Talking to MLB.com, Scott Eyre has said he may have to borrow money from teammates if his assets are not unfrozen in a timely manner. One of many ballplayers whose liquid assets have been frozen as the government investigates the Stanford Financial Group, which is caught in allegations of an $8 billion fraud, Eyre says money he kept separate from this account will not be enough to pay his expenditures.

It seems as though Eyre and many others will not lose all the money invested with Standford, even if the fraud proves true; However, this is still a possibility, and one that makes Eyre’s playing future even more shaky.

After toying with 2008 being his last year, Eyre agreed to come back in ’09 with a one-year $2 million contract, likely to be his last. If all his money is lost, the lefty pitcher will have no choice but to suit up for at least one more season — something he doesn’t want to be forced into doing.

Though another year on the diamond is a possibility no matter which way the verdict falls on Eyre’s financial crisis, it’ll hopefully be a decision he’ll be able to make without the extra burden.


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