All things Philly

Last night was a big night on the national stage for Philadelphia sports. Beating the Lakers is no easy task, and in buzzer-beating, one-on-one fashion against Trevor Ariza is even sweeter.

After all the last-second hope-crushing defeats the Sixers have suffered this season, being on the other side of the coin was a welcome change. With a foul to give, Ariza didn’t. In fact, he did nothing.

Let’s back up. It’s the fourth, the two teams have been back-and-forth scoring in the games final minutes, switching who’s on top with each possession. As Philadelphia led, Bryant’s unwavering ability to drain baskets when called upon proved true, as Kobe put Los Angeles up 93-91 with an over 20-footer in Iguodala’s face.

As it turned out, Andre had six seconds to give his rebuttal. And give it he would. In buzzer-beating, game-clinching fashion to catapult the Sixers to a 94-93 win in the Staple Center (the first home loss for LA since the end of January) and to solidify the Sixers’ fourth-straight win.

On another channel, the Phillies were doing what they do best as Rollins and Victorino stood on first and third base, respectively, in the bottom of the ninth of the World Baseball Classic, as the USA trailed Puerto Rico 5-4. Rollins had just worked a walk from none other than JC Romero before he was yanked.

After Victorino scored on a walk, David Wright scooped up a low pitch to have it plop along the first base line — and score two runs to give the USA a game-winning walk off and save them from elimination.

And March Madness starts tomorrow. It just keeps getting better.

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