Hamels not ready for opening day

Though originally being tapped to get to take in opening-day glory on the mound as the defending World Series Champs, Cole Hamels is now out of the running for throwing the first pitches of the 2009 season for the Phils.

His elbow is progressing, but Blanton or Meyers will be handed the ball this Sunday instead.

After a brilliant run in the post season, Hamels was slightly gypped of a win when Game 5 was cut short with a ridiculous rain delay, making him the obvious choice to be the first to stand in the center of Citizens Bank Park during the Phillies triumphant return to South Philly.

Who cares, though, really? Baseball starts this Sunday and there is nothing sweeter than that.

One response to “Hamels not ready for opening day

  1. Well, certainly folks would care more if Hamels were going to be out any longer. But, since it’s just a delay of a start then it shouldn’t really matter much long term.

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