On the up side?

Not exactly how you want to win your first game of 2009, but at least the Phils can now put a 1 in the win column – perhaps there should be an asterisks, however.

Down 7-0 in the seventh, the Phightens managed to bring themselves to a five run deficit (10-5) when the walking began … that would be three consecutive walks with the bases loaded to bring the Phils within 2. To their credit, the defending champs capitalized on the good fortune and came out swinging (or at least Victorino did) to tie it up and eventually take the 13-12 lead that Lidge closed out for his first save of the season. (Though not without a homerun hiccup.)

As the NBA chugs along the final stretch to the post, it seems (rather fortuitously) the Sixers find themselves in second in the East, clinching at least one round of playoff action.

With two games remaining versus the league-best Cavaliers, it seems the remainder of the 76ers 2009 regular season legacy will be as a stepping stone for Cleavand’s chase for homecourt advantage. Sigh.


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