Taking it to the post

In what may very well be first-round playoff action, the Sixers fell to the Boston Celtics by one fortunately timed basket by Paul Pierce. The game winner put Boston up 100-98 to close out last night’s game at the Wachovia Center.

Despite exceptional play by many on the Philadelphia team, including a 20-plus performance by Iguodala and a double-digit showing for newly returned Young, the effort was not enough to overcome the division-best Celtics.

The game also notably saw the absence of two Celtic stars: Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The former nursing a knee injury, the latter suspended one game for a previous flagrant fowl. To fill both those large sets of shoes, Pierce took the ball in his own hands (and put in the basket) tallying a cool 31 on the night.

The Sixers travel to Cleveland tonight to try their hand at the even harder task of beating the Cavaliers. The contest will likely not see LeBron James have much playing time, since Cleveland has already secured home court advantage in the post season with their league-best record as the silver-holding Lakers finished off their season with a win last night.


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