Lidge closes with 47

After an emotional day for Phillies nation as the team and its fans paid tribute to Harry Kalas, another tough break (of far less magnitude, obviously) came the team’s way as Lidge blew his first save since 2007. Capping off his record at 47 consecutive saves — and absolutely astonishing accomplishment — Lidge gave up a ground ball that scored the tieing run to bring the Padres even at 5. He later let a three-run homer slip out of his hands in the same inning. I guess if he was going to blow it, he was going to blow it big time.

As the tieing run scored, it was a bittersweet moment as the stadium filled with applause and many rose to their feet acknowledging the magnitude of what they just saw come to a close. Even after the pitiful performance, Lidge received another round of applause as he left the mound.

After suffering a rocky career before his streak of perfection in the City of Brotherly Love, let’s hope he hops back on the horse and starts the count over toward beating the record holder for the most consecutive saves (with 84).

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