Out the door

The Phantoms are moving to Glen Falls, NY. I missed this announcement, so maybe you did, too. Though it took place the last week in April at the American Hockey League Board of Governors meetings. How could anything made at such an auspicious gathering go unnoticed?

I kid, but the imminent departure of the area’s minor league team is upon us.

The scenario is not all that surprising since the team has been in limbo since the demolition of the Spectrum was approved. The team was sold by Comcast-Spectacor to a Pittsburgh-based firm called the Brooks Group.

Despite the move, the Phantoms will remain the Flyers minor-league affiliate and the Flyers said they plan to make frequent trips to Glen Falls to monitor the team’s development.

That’s a bit farther than the 50-foot walk scouting and rehab assignments used to be.

To recap: The Phantoms will be molding future Philadelphia Flyers in Glen Falls, N.Y., under the ownership of a Pittsburgh management firm. And you wonder why there is so much fighting on the ice.


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