Injured wings

The eyes of sports nation were (briefly) transfixed to news Brian Westbrook would be undergoing ankle surgery to debride (no idea what that is) his right ankle. Reports are good he will be able to rehab that as well as the knee that was operated on this off season in time for Eagles’ opening kickoff. Returning to his former glory.

The problem is, what are we talking about here? Even without the repair jobs this off season has brought, Westbrook was a shadow of his former juking self.

In 2008, Westbrook still accounted for 30 percent of the Eagles’ offense. I’d say that is more of a sad stat for the Eagles than a positive stat for Westbrook. There was little explosion when B. West burst out of the backfield and the confidence fans usually felt when No. 36 took the ball up the middle gave way to a cautious anxiety that he was going to be smashed to the ground. He produced enough for the glimmer of hope that a 50-plus play was still a possibility, but those remained outstanding, if not fortuitous, occurrences rather than the routine regularity with which he used find the end zone.

And, oh my, how those goal-line over-the-top jumps found me watching with one eye shut.

Let’s not forget how difficult it is to come back from injury. Many players never return to their former athletic prowess.

With Dawkins out and B. West fighting his aging body, where will the youthful exuberant passion fly forth from in 2009?


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