Forward progress

In a somewhat surprising move as this year’s finals were being played and remain very much TBD, the Sixers announced a trade for Toronto forward Jason Kapono.

Their pawn in this deal? Reggie Evans.

Kapono, a two-time winner of the NBA three-point shooting contest, is currently tied for the highest three-point shooting percentage in NBA history. In short, he’s not a bad guy to have on your side if you’re struggling on the perimeter — something the Sixers are fairly familiar with.

The loss of Evans after two seasons will be a blow for the Sixers, though on paper it appears they got the better end of the deal. Unfortunately, basketball is probably the least individualistic game out there (see: the Magic’s rise to this year’s finals with hardly a superstar player) and whether or not Kapono can keep up with the fast-paced tempo played at the Wachovia Center will determine his fit for the team.

As far as Evans is concerned, his banishment to the land of Maple leaves has so far gone unannounced as a search of the out-of-proportion and out-of-date Web site of the Raptors contained no trace of the (pending the passing of a physical) addition of the newest member of their team, donchaknow.


2 responses to “Forward progress

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  2. Oh Jess, I politely disagree about Howard. He is the reigning Defensive MVP, lead the league in blocks and rebounds and was pretty close in FG%. He was the starting center for the gold medal-winning Team USA this past summer and started the All-star game. He has his team in the Finals because he is dominant on D and selfless in the post (and he helped beat LeBron’s Cavs). The true mark of a superstar is that he makes his teammates better — you argue he doesn’t, but he sure does on defense, no question, and he definitely does on offense too. How do you think Orlando was the top three-point shooting team in the league? They throw the ball into Howard in the post and when he gets doubled (all the time), he finds the open man for a wide open 3.

    There is no “will be” — he’s a superstar right now. And all without mentioning meaningless dunk contests…

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