Cross contamination

Donovan McNabb signed a new player-friendly contract with the Eagles last week. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can tell about it.

I was waiting for the initial buzz to dissipate a bit so I could better comb through the real facts and implications. Unfortunately, all I found out was that I have never bothered to understand the ins and outs of the money game behind pro sports. Partly because I like to pretend they all just play for the love of the game. Partly because I just have better things to do.

I do know the two-year extension to the deal that ran out in 2009 pushed some money McNabb’s way and Eagles owners said they knew they didn’t need to give him anything more but “he’s never complained” and they felt he deserved a bit of cash. This is why I really love this deal.

What other pro team would you see giving the face of their organization money just because? I’ve always felt the Eagles were a family-oriented organization, but the release of B-Dawk brought all this into question. Is McNabb’s contract a return to old politics?

Camping out three hours before game start for SRO tickets to the opener of the Red Sox-Philly series last Friday, my friend who had inadvertently donned an Eagle-green T-shirt was approached by a middle-aged man.

“You like McNabb, eh?” He began the heckle.

“Sure,” my friend replied.

“So I bet you like his new deal then? $10 million dollars, are you kidding me!? …” and so on it went. My friend talked down the jean-short wearing man while I stared and shook my head at his mid-calf socks.

I guess all a week has taught me about McNabb’s contract was that unless it had a clause in which Roger Goodell handed him a Super Bowl ring at the end of the deal South Philadelphians weren’t going to like it.

By the way, the Phillies game went for 13 innings, when it was thrown away by once-AAA-banished Kyle Kendrick (poor guy). However, they should really have a clause at the bottom of SRO tickets that says if the game goes past nine innings you get a refund. Or at least a free beer.


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