Back in the swing

After dropping 11 of 13, the Phils put a mark in their win column Sunday and pushed Moyer ever steadily up the all-time win leader board (moving him in solo security of the 43rd spot).

The Phils woes are coming from many angles, from pitchers that forgot how to pitch (Lidge), hitters who forgot how to hit (Rollins) and break out stars who might have pushed a little too hard (Ibanez). Hopefully the bumpy road will smooth itself out as the season slides toward September (and the Mets can keep their current chokers moniker intact).

Tuesday night will see the return of a name that’s been missing from the past few starts. Rollins will make what he (and everyone) hopes to be a triumphant return to the field in a new (yet old) position as leadoff hitter.

Resting since Wednesday, Manual and Rollins tried to get Jimmy’s .176 batting average out of his head.

Starting the trend, Lidge notched his first save on a well-rested and healed knee on Sunday. Now it’s J-Rolls turn to keep things on the up and up. Jimmy’s leadership is much needed and may even make a bigger impact if he can set the tone in a different way: Being the first in a long line of Phillies to struggle and come out on top.

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