Flyin’ high

Taking the Mets by storm, the Phils kept things rolling, or steam-plowing, as they took on the Reds Monday night.

The 22-1 victory is impressive, but even more encouraging is the winning spirit. As those who’ve already been to 20-plus games this season begin their rants about fairweather fans, one of our beloved is in need of an extra boost.

In an attempt to keep the All Star hoopla alive, fans can still yet vote ONE MORE player onto each All Star team. Give it a rest, Selig.

In any case, the Flyin’ Hawaiin is hanging in there and hoping for a berth to join Utley, Ibanez and Howard on the National League roster. The remaining nominees are:

Cristian Guzman, WSH
Matt Kemp, LAD
Mark Reynolds, ARI
Pablo Sandoval, SF
Shane Victorino, PHI

So put on the rally cap for the final round and get the Phils one more spot on the roster.


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