The chosen one

Despite his justifiable stats (especially within the last month), there is no doubt Werth’s appointment to replace NY’s Carlos Beltran in Tuesday’s All Star game will set sports fans aflutter.

Since Charlie Manuel will be at the helm, the Phillies-packed NL roster was looking a little favoritism-heavy. But votes are votes, and even Shane Victorino’s last minute victory in the final vote off was out of the big man’s hands.

His personal selection, however, is a bit cheeky. But why should it be?

The All Star game is contrived to begin with — a MLB ploy for money, fan interest and increased coverage. Since adding the home-field advantage for the winning league, the game took on slightly more significance for baseball fans around the country. But it remains mostly pomp and circumstance. It’s goal: To reward those who have excelled and brought support to Major League Baseball.

Therefore, each league’s managers are plucked from the previous year’s division champion. Why, then, shouldn’t the winning team’s players also get preferential treatment?

I happen to feel Werth’s pick was not an act of pseudo-nepotism in the first place. But to all those crying fraud, I don’t see the harm if it was. Charlie got there cause he coached a group of guys on how to take the pennant. He’s allowed to reward them in return.

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