Vote for Pedro?

Welcome to the circus.

The Phils are not known to be a media-drowned franchise, unlike how the Yankees can’t keep A-Rod out of the tabloids. There are rumors of Utley’s and Burrell’s nightlife personas. But even those are usually kept to barman hearsay, often shared as a 4 a.m glory story. Philadelphians are well known to turn the other cheek on our professional athletes’ personal lives and problems. (You’re welcome, Brett Meyers.)

It was something they couldn’t do with Terrell Owens. No matter how hard they tried, Terrell found away to get his name in the papers’ titles over the Eagles.

So what of Pedro Martinez. The interesting mid-season pickup of the once-ace right hander seems rather out of character for the low-key Phillies. And his first press conference and coverage is rubbing me slightly the wrong way.

His introduction to the City of Brotherly love was marred by comments about bringing his legacy to the table and preemptive excuses about whether or not he is in shape to return to the Major Leagues. (Which despite Phillies management’s positive outlook, my layman’s opinion is his 91-tops fastball is going to get rocked).

It’s hard to imagine anything going better than the Phils last acquisition, as Raul Ibanez slipped into the line-up and fans’ hearts like he had been there the whole time.

I just hope Martinez gets the picture this is not a one-man show kind of town. And speaks with his arm.


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