Perfect ten

Ten straight. That’s what the Phils winning streak rests at. Ten.

For a team that thrives on momentum and can just as easily fall in a rut as they can on a roll, the streak is nothing to balk at.

Since he played the hero last night, it seems apt to address the player-in-waiting that was Jayson Werth. Werth has often been scouts’ and commentators’ favorite dark horse topic.

Werth has been a consistent player for the Phils for the last three seasons, but has seemed to posess a hidden potential he couldn’t quite manifest in his dominating frame. Lacking the speed of Victorino, the bat of Ryan Howard and the quickness and brains of Chase Utley, it is interesting to examine what – exactly – makes Werth so valuable.

His numbers don’t jump out in any one category and his play keeps him solid but somewhat under the media radar.

Perhaps Werth’s most valuable asset is his constent even keel and ability to keep his play on the field his own game. There are no extended rest days cause he can’t find his swing or disciplinary transgressions.

And when we are heading into the bottom of the 13th, we don’t mind seeing Jayson step up to the plate.


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