On the horn

Old-timers can’t believe pitchers these days don’t pitch complete games. I’m far from an old-timer, but I’d have to agree.

I know the arguments, but I think the pitching in the MLB is getting soft — favoring pretty boy Hamels over brute, gut-it-out workhorses of the past.

During my traffic-free ride back to the city from North Wildwood yesterday, it still felt like the road stretched on for hours. Mainly because talk radio was cluttered with the newest “hot” topic.

After Happ pitched his (second) complete game — a beauty, indeed — in Philadelphia two nights ago, the talk shifted from the Pedro Martinez-Happ debate to the Martinez-Moyer dilemma. My favorite was the bunch of half-drunken callers who jumped on the “Moyer should retire” bandwagon as a good solution to the problem.

The possibility of a good pitcher walks on to your roster and all of a sudden we’re throwing out last year’s playoffs lineup?

Luckily the commentators were there to point out the improbability of Jamie walking (away from $7 million) and that of the Phillies trying to reach a settlement for him to leave (which they have no incentive at the time to do).

And, people, remember, we’re still only talking about a possibility. Martinez’s 11 Ks in the farm fields doesn’t mean he can throw in the majors.

The other hot topic on fans’ minds was Eli Manning’s new cash cow status as the highest paid QB. This discussion spurred up multiple references to his ineptitude at the Super Bowl, which the Giants freakishly won anyhow.

Stop running your yaps about New York if you don’t really care about it, Philadelphia. The Manning-McNabb comparisons are a waste of breath and you know it. Last time I checked, football was about winning and you can throw as many stat charts as you want at me. I’d take Manning if we had that Super Bowl win, any day.


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