The dirty south

The Phils took a whipping down South this week, as Florida ran all over them in three straight.

Despite the 3-12 embarrassment on Sunday, Florida and the officiating crew suffered some rosy cheeks themselves.

After a questionable called strike in the sixth, Ryan Howard was down looking to end the inning — and the firstbaseman made sure everyone knew he did not agree with the call.

A short while later, Lopez delivered a pitch to former-Phil Wes Helms that Shane Victorino thought similar to Ryan’s flubbed call. And this one was called a ball.

Disappointed, Victorino flailed his arms — a rather tame action that got him … EJECTED! From center field.

The ridiculousness of the matter was only complicated by Victorino’s overreaction, which included throwing Bako out of the way (he was not in the way) in order to get in the home plate ump’s face. He was then pulled off fighting by Ryan Howard.

The most priceless moment is the look on Helms’ face as the ump walks out from behind him, doing the “you’re outta here!” signature move and Helms is trying to figure out what he’s doing and who he’s talking to.

Luckily, the Phils move out of Florida and into Wrigley Field with a back-to-back showdown of Happ Tuesday followed by Martinez’s debut Wednesday.

How many comparisons can the broadcasters cram into one game? Only time will tell.


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