Acting his age?

Moyer got booted to the bull pen, as he should with an ERA over 5.

The strangest part of the whole shenanigan is Moyer’s reaction. The normally quiet, diplomatic 46 -year-old issued comments (with a few misued words, I might add) that were not so concise and reserved as one would expect.

Calling out Amaro, Moyer complained about how a move to the bull pen was discussed during his contract negotiations this year and he was told it wouldn’t happen. Wake up, Jamie. Things like that aren’t guaranteed. And a veteran, such as yourself, should know that if you aren’t producing you’re getting your butt pulled out of the starting line-up.

Which is why I’m baffled by his rookie-like whining.

No, the comments were not inflammatory. Honestly, he should’ve put his tail between his legs, walked to the pen and proven he can still pitch in the bigs. Obviously, we don’t know all the ins and outs of the behind the scenes or what was promised to Jamie before the season. But the hoopla about the move is nothing but a distraction.

That said, I think the move was premature – at least the fanfare was. Pedro hasn’t proven he can pitch yet, so why get everyone all wrapped up in the demotion? It’s more of a test run, it just happens to be Moyer who was chosen as the first kid out, if all goes well.

Bringing us to tonight’s debut of Pedro. The media nightmare that will ensue if Pedro gets rocked by the Cubs I can’t even imagine.

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