Spreading their wings

The Birds take the field for the first time this season for tonight’s pre-season opener against the Patriots.

Despite the long line of names scribbled on the injured list, the Eagles are going to try to pull something together tonight.

The preseason is pretty much a waste of time, and judging players or teams in these games is as useful as judging pitchers by the number of wins. It’s an excuse for full-contact play running against people that aren’t on your same roster.

I have to believe it’s original intent was the logical chance for players to get into the rhythm of playing and used to the stadium, flow, etc. after the long off season. Testing out of players is ineffective. What do we care if Maclin can’t catch a pass from Kolb. He has to catch it from McNabb if he wants to be a starting WR.

No more space in the posting will be wasted with the debates on whether or not you play your starters and I refuse to judge new players on their pre-season performance after tonight.

I will watch every snap, however. I mean, it’s football season!

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