The Vick debate

While at a quite dinner with my family Thursday night, my cell phone began to vibrate frantically. Over and over again. Normally admonishing those who are far too important to sit through one dinner without obsessively checking those awful BlackBerrys, I was curious enough I had to see what couldn’t wait till after dinner.

Alas, it was the signing of Michael Vick that sent my phone a flutter — and my jaw to the floor as I read texts and e-mails with attached articles about the huge faux pas.

I decided to keep to myself about the whole affair and let it settle. Maybe in a few days all would be clear and I would be given a glimpse into the Eagles forethought on this blatant misstep.

Here we are, three more confused days later. I’ve been asked several times my read and then given others opinion — with or without solicitation. It seems everyone in Philly has come to the same conclusion:

What on earth are they thinking!?

In a city that couldn’t handle the media circus around T.O. so much the incredible player was shipped out, why, I ask you, Andy, WHY, are we bringing in this media field day?

I have nothing against Vick and I’m more than happy to see him play in the NFL. Time served, move foward. Great. But since when were the Eagles a rehabilitation center?

Reid has gone before cameras and said such things as, “Michael is a quarterback” and “I’ll find something for him to do,” referring to when he’s ready to play, but, since we don’t need a quarterback, there will be no immediate position for him to fill.

This isn’t daycare. He doesn’t need to be cutting into our salary cap to draw pictures in the corner to keep him occupied. And why two years? Was that number pulled out of a hat and everyone was just like, “ya, that sounds legit.”

I have yet to hear anything bordering on a possible explanation of this complete enigma, besides P.C. television personalities playing up the “stable” nature of the Eagles as a “good fit” for his return.

This is the NFL, we play football here. Releasing beloved players like Dawkins was a hard pill for this city to swallow, but, in the end, people respected the Eagles as a professional team with winning as their number one priority.

Time to rethink that.


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