Legal limits

Game Day. The day you put all the hard practice to use. The day when there are no red jerseys. The day when you get in a zone and unleash every last ounce on the field that evening.

Or, if you’re Michael Vick, a day that will be spent in a Virginia courthouse dealing with your Chapter 11 reorganization.

Vick is scheduled to attend a mandatory hearing in Virginia the morning before he takes the field at the Linc — as previously discussed — in the Eagles third preseason game this Thursday. The game is Vick’s first eligible opportunity to play, as well as next week’s preseason finale, as he will then again be suspended pending the nod from Goodell.

If all goes according to plan, Vick should be back just in the nick of time to catch a later bus to the field for warm-ups. After missing some usual game-day meetings.

Rollins is 15 minutes late one day and he’s benched, but we are bending over backwards so Vick can go through his legal troubles and still get a jersey on that night?

I don’t get this. As I’ve said before, I’m not down on rehabilitation or second chances or even moving forward without looking back. But that requires that you also don’t make special exceptions. Especially for someone who hasn’t always been in good graces.

The Eagles have taken on the NFL’s little pet project of showing how it can coax back to prominence a once-fallen star. Save it. If Vick wants to get back on top, I say he works, sacrifices and deals with everything he brought on himself just like everybody else.

I’m not sure when the full extent of the law somehow became after-jail special privileges.

What example are we setting?

The spin is that the system works and that people come back to society more productive and righteous members of the community. The truth is that Vick got a lucky break and for some reason he finds himself in the position of the come-back kid, while Plaxico Burress will be staring at his cell floor for two years wondering why he ever lived in New York.


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