Home sweet home

It’s not often a guy gets to spend his whole career with one team. There are the rare times when a city gets to embrace a player as theirs alone. And then there are those, when so embraced, go and royally mess it up (Favre).

But the Philadelphia Flyers has its own unique situation with Brian Boucher.

Boucher played in Philly in 2000, with impressive numbers for a rookie, goal-tending his team into a seven-game Eastern Conference Final. After that, he lost his beginner’s luck, was traded, bounced around and could never find his glove.

Two years ago, he called in a favor to his team: He asked to play for the Phantoms to find his game again.

His time there got him back into NHL form and an opportunity to play in the bigs, successfully goal tending for San Jose and, again, putting up impressive numbers.

For the 2010 season, Boucher finds himself back in the black and orange. The two-year deal Boucher inked this summer with the Flyers brings him back to where he stared it all — and a city he said he truly enjoys — with the promise of shining the same way he did a decade ago.


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