The beginning of the end

Tonight is the big Michael Vick finale. Or is it the debut?

The hubbub continues this week as McNabb takes a seat and Vick takes the reigns for the final preseason game, after which point Roger Goodell is expected to make a ruling about Vick’s reinstatement.

There has been much ado about the fact that Saturday is the final roster trimming deadline — down to 53 from 75 — and where, oh where! will Michael Vick fall?

Why on earth do we care?

As it looks, the team has two options that would allow Vick to continue playing. And word is expected before that decision has to be made. However, what does it matter to the Eagles? After all they’ve been through, Reid is NOT benching McNabb. Please.

So, I’m hoping against hope the Eagles plan is to showcase Vick during the final preseason game, have him look like a winner and then release him and make some dough off of this ridiculous incubation period we’ve suffered.

Assuming that is far from what Goodell is trying to prove here and trading Vick would be out of the question, I’m still left wondering: Why are we talking about our second-string QB who still isn’t even eligible to play?


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