No Saint

It was nice while it lasted. Coming out dealing, Kevin Kolb had an auspicious debut yesterday for his first NFL start. Unfortunately, for him, the defense decided it didn’t feel like playing.

This is not to take anything away from the Saints, particularly Brees, who put on quite a show. But the Eagles D-line was pathetic. And Kolb had to pay the price.

His three interceptions obviously do not tell the whole story as he was forced into desperation and told to make plays and throws that not even a veteran would be asked to attempt. Or, if asked, would wisely not bother with.

His lack of support from the other side of the ball was upsetting when his hard work and preparation had finally come to fruition and the possibility of adding another name into the QB hat — besides Vick — was promising.

The fans, and sportscasters, could see Kolb was doing his job. Hopefully Reid could as well and Kevin gets another shot.

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